10 Things To Make With Only One Ripe Banana

5 Aug 2015

10 Things To Make With Only One Ripe Banana

10 Things To Make With Only One Ripe Banana

Don't you hate it when you look over and see that you only have one ripe banana? What can you do with that?? The obvious answer to having a ripe banana is making banana bread. But have you ever seen a recipe for banana bread that only uses 1 ripe banana? If you have, please send it my way. It would be the best early Christmas present I could ask for. 

So it seems like no matter how many bananas I buy, I always end up with only the one ripe banana left over, and I need to figure out what to do with it. This is what I have done throughout the years when I am in this situation.

If you have time on your hands:

This is what I do most often. If I have the time, and don't particularly want to use the banana right at this moment, I will do one of two things:

  1. Freeze the entire banana whole. This way, you can defrost the banana, cut off the end, and squeeze the banana into your recipe. You barely even need to mash it, because it will be basically mashed already, or liquidy enough to mix right in. 
  2. Cut it into coins, and place it in a ziplock bag. This is perfect if you are looking to sweeten a smoothie, and cut back on the ice you are putting in. You don't need to dilute your drink this way. More flavor, nice!
Now for some recipes! In these cases, if you are freezing the entire banana, I usually wait until you get more bananas to put alongside this lone banana, and make these:

Banana Bread

Banana Bread (Uses 3 bananas)

Nutella Swirl Banana Muffins

Nutella Swirl Banana Muffins (Uses 2 bananas)

If you are cutting the banana into coins and freezing it, try these smoothie recipes:

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Strawberry Banana Smoothie (Uses 1 banana)

Fruity Green Smoothie

Fruity Green Smoothie (Uses 1 banana)

If you want to use the ripe banana RIGHT NOW!

I don't blame anyone for this option. If my freezer is full, or I just don't want to see that banana sitting on my counter any longer, I will want to use it omg right now. These are some ideas of what you can make using only one ripe banana:

Coconut, Cranberry and Pumpkin Seed Microwave Oatmeal

Banana Nutella Mug Cake

Banana Bread Granola

Caramelized Banana Oatmeal

Caramelized Banana Oatmeal (Uses 1 ripe banana + 2 non ripe bananas)

Chocolate Chip Banana Pecan Pancakes

Eggless Banana Chai Latte Cookies

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  1. I'm convinced Finn adds extra bananas to our shopping so that they go brown and we can use them to make something tasty! I've tried a few of these but there are a few that I haven't and I'm def going to try. Banana bread granola - yum!

  2. delicious round up of desserts looks wonderful

  3. What an awesome recipe roundup! I love naturally sweetening with ripe bananas :)

  4. <3 Bananas!
    I always get a little worried if I don't have bananas and eggs in the flat, cause with those two ingredients and couple of cupboard ingredients you can make so many things, which this post proves ;D Yum! x

  5. I am an overripe banana hoarder. I have tons of frozen bananas in my freezer and love pulling them out for recipes. Thanks for this collection of recipes!

  6. Now I need to go get some bananas and let them ripen so I can make ALL these!

  7. Mine would go into a smoothie for sure. What great ideas!

  8. In the last few years, bananas have become so important to me. I don't know what I'd do without it! In the summer, they do ripen too fast and it's great to have such an arsenal of recipes to fall back on. :)

  9. This is great!! I frequently have just one or two bananas and can only find recipes that would require me to go buy more.

  10. It would probably help if I didn't just toss whole super ripe bananas in the freezer. Cutting them into coins from now on!

  11. yesterday for breakfast I mixed a ripe banana with yogurt!

  12. What a great post! I've always got an overripe banana or two around that usually just end up in the freezer for smoothies. Love all of your ideas!

  13. I always slice up my very ripe bananas and freeze them flat on a plate, then transfer them all into a big freezer bag. I make banana pancakes all the time and I never run out of ripe bananas!

  14. These are great ideas! Those Chocolate Chip Banana Pecan Pancakes are calling my name :)


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