Pesto Tuna Salad Sandwich

1 Apr 2012

Pesto Tuna Salad Sandwich

What to do for lunch, what to do... This is always the question for me, and if I cannot decide what to make, it somehow ends up being fast food. I'm sorry. I know. It's awful. But fast food it' Right there when I need it. If only I had more time.

You know, actually, it's not even the time. There are so many quick and easy recipes out there, that I really have no excuse. I just see so many that I want to make, that I get overwhelmed with the decisions. Only THEN do I run out of time, imagining me making all of these. (Belated) New years resolution: Make a lunch!

Making this was great. Because it makes around 4-5 sandwiches.  So, if it's not gone on the same day that I made it (sadly it was this time) I can have it the next day. Genius, eh? Haha.. not so much.

So I have this thing for pesto. I can put it anything. Anything at all. And it will taste..what's the word..yum (you can see how early french immersion aided my vocabulary: none at all) This is why it is going in this sandwich.

You can see me and my panini grill have a thing going on too. Anything at all between two slices of bread, it will taste superb. The other day, I put some natural peanut butter and white chocolate chips between two slices of bread and put it on the panini grill. Oh. My. Word. It was delicious (despite how extremely strange that sounds.. Maybe it doesn't. I like white chocolate)

What you'll need:

-2 170g cans tuna, drained
-3 tablespoons mayonnaise
-2 tablespoons basil pesto
-2 cloves garlic, minced
-1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
-3 slices tomato
-2 slices bread


    1.   In a medium bowl, mix together the tuna, mayonnaise, pesto, garlic and Parmesan cheese.
    2.   Place tomato slices and two scoops of tuna salad between two slices of bread. Place on panini grill (or on skillet on medium heat if you wanted a grilled sandwich)

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  1. That looks awesome, and much better than fast food!

  2. Very unique kind of pesto, perfect for sandwich

  3. This sandwich looks soooo yummy. I think the addition of pesto makes for a very interesting and delicious take on the classic.

  4. A good tuna sandwich never fails... Simple and always good!

  5. I seriously need to get a panini maker asap so I can make delicious sandwiches such as this one!

  6. I love tuna salad but I have never thought to add pesto. How innovative. Will have to try this soon!

  7. Good sandwich. Really great way to jazz up tuna - you've included some really nice ingredients there. Nice post - thanks.

  8. Hi Cathleen, thanks for visiting my blog and leave your lovely comment. I'm following you.

    Your tuna sandwich look great and tempting.
    Yours remind panini maker is growing fungus in the kitchen, have not been using it for a long time.LOL

    Have a nice week ahead.

  9. Pesto in tuna? Great idea!

  10. hi cathleen, i'm like you too, if i hv no idea what to make for breakfast or lunch, you will see sandwiches on my table,yeah love that with pesto. And if there's leftover rice, fried rice it shall be. Wished i have a panini maker, they really make nice grilled sandwiches!!

  11. Pesto makes everythign better, especially sandwiches! So does grilling. Combine the's really a hellz yeah kind of situation.

  12. I love the idea of putting pesto in tuna salad. Plus those panini grill marks make the sandwich look so delicious!

  13. Gorgeous sandwich and with pesto in tuna salad? How can one resist?

  14. Mmmm. I love the idea of using some pesto in tuna for more flavor and less mayo!


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