A Taste of Madness

22 Apr 2017

Peanut Butter Oat Bars

Oat Bars that are packed with peanut butter for some extra protein. Perfect grab and go breakfast, or snack.

Peanut Butter Oat Bars

I totally made you the easiest breakfast/snack food ever.

Combining two of my favourite things: oat bars and peanut butter!!

Yeah, I know I have about 50 bazillion favourite things. But grab and go breakfasts will always top the list. As I am sure it does for many of you who are almost too busy for breakfast.

17 Apr 2017

Ham, Cheese and Bacon Soup

This soup is a great recipe to make to use up your leftover ham. So cheesy and comforting.

Ham, Cheese and Bacon Soup Recipe

Can I interest you in one of the most delicious soups I have made in a long time?

I am loving everything about this soup! The cheese! The leftover ham! And, of course, the bacon!

Since I bought a huge ham this Easter weekend, I knew I would have tons of it leftover for the weeks to come. So, I started planning early.

14 Apr 2017

Mini Egg Blondies

Super easy Mini Egg blondies make the best last minute treat for Easter.

Mini Egg Blondies Recipe

Long weekend! I am so ready to relax!

Do you have any plans for the long weekend? My only plan for this weekend is to fully relax. Like, have a day where I don't feel guilty about sleeping in and watching movies all day. So far, I have been doing a fairly good job with this. Waking up at 9:30! As opposed to my usual 6 AM start time. Getting caught up watching Netflix shows for the rest of the day...while correcting tests at the same time.

Hey, baby steps. I have enough tests to mark to last me a couple of episodes more. Maybe then I can truly relax.

9 Apr 2017

Strawberry Bread

Moist strawberry bread that is so easy to make. Perfect spring recipe.

Strawberry Bread Recipe

Will you judge me if I told you that I made this strawberry bread twice in the past week?

And I am only calling it strawberry "bread", because the fact that this is basically strawberry pound cake and should only be consumed as a dessert will send me spiralling in shame.

I will admit it now: this was my breakfast, snack and dessert for the past 7 days. Sprinkling in the strawberries was the only thing that made me feel good about calling it a breakfast food.

2 Apr 2017

Baked Asparagus Fries

Asparagus fries make the perfect appetiser to any meal. Baked, and covered in breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese. Made with only 5 ingredients, and super addicting.

Baked Asparagus Fries Recipe

I almost feel guilty about writing a post right now when I should be doing work.

But these asparagus fries are so good, I can't help but share them! They are so easy to make, I can make them in between grading papers. Which are due tomorrow, and I still have 4 to go. They are looking longer and longer every time I pick them up.

26 Mar 2017

Nutella Filled Bread Bites

These Nutella filled bread bites are ready in under 35 minutes and are only made with 2 ingredients! So easy to make, they are the perfect weekday breakfast.

Nutella Filled Bread Bites Recipe

Anyone else sad that March break is over?

Even though it's always a drag heading back to work after a nice relaxing holiday, I am thankful that I have amazing students and supportive colleagues to make my day go by so quickly, it seems like I'm not even working at all.

But all the lazy mornings sleeping in (on Vancouver time even!) is going to catch up with me tomorrow morning. Getting out of bed is the hardest part about my day.

20 Mar 2017

Healthy Hemp Heart Banana Bread

Super easy banana bread recipe made with hemp hearts. Butterless and healthy so you can feel good about taking another slice.

Healthy Hemp Heart Banana Bread

Happy first day of Spring!

How is it looking on your end of the world? I am still in Vancouver at the moment, and it is looking like there may be some early April showers. Although this is Vancouver, so April showers happen all year round.

Stay in and make banana bread with me?

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