Broccoli and Cheddar Cheese Quiche

5 Jun 2012

Broccoli and Cheddar Cheese Quiche

I remember the first time I ever tried quiche. 4 years ago (Apparently I am still very much a food virgin. I have still never tried quinoa or..well there are lots, I forget now, but I'm seeing quinoa EVERYWHERE, and it's been there. On my to do list for so long. It will happen. Soon)

Well first off, my dad made it. And boy was he proud of it. It had everything, broccoli, cheese, bacon.. Although back then I wasn't a fan of bacon. I would eat it, but.. Actually I'm not all that crazy about bacon now either, but it is EVERYWHERE. It's like you can't avoid bacon be it in mayonnaise, cupcakes, soap...? People are crazy about it.

Anyways, despite the bacon, I LOVED it. Quiche has become one of my favorite meals. They are pretty easy, and oh so tasty! This might also be one of the reasons why I get through eggs at a superhuman speed.

The only reason why I made this though was to get through miracle whip that I had in my house. Why? I don't know, I really don't like miracle whip. Except in a quiche. The only exception.

What you'll need:

 For the crust:
-1 cup all-purpose flour
-1/2 teaspoon salt
-1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
-1/4 cup cold water

For the filling:
-1 cup onions, cubed
-1 cup broccoli, chopped
-1/3 cup miracle whip
-1/3 cup milk
-1 cup grated cheddar cheese


    1.   In a medium bowl, combine the flour and salt.
    2.   In a separate bowl, whisk together the oil and water. Slowly mix in the flour mixture until fully incorporated.
    3.   Press the batter into two 4 inch tart pans.
    4.   Preheat the oven to 375˚F
    5.   On a medium skillet, cook the onions until they are transparent, around 4 minutes.
    6.   In a medium bowl, beat together the eggs, miracle whip and milk until well blended. Stir in the broccoli, onions and cheese.
    7.   Pour mixture into the prepared tart pans, and bake for 40-45 minutes, or until the tops are golden.

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  1. This sounds so tasty! Broccoli and cheddar are perfect pairings for quiche! :)

  2. Oh! I like how easy your crust is! :)
    I like bacon but don't really dig it either... it is everywhere, isn't it? Honestly, I think it's just a ridiculous fad... I had a maple donut with bacon and while I was eating it, I was like, "Really? This isn't really as awesome as everyone makes it out to be." Bacon is good, but not in everything, right?

  3. Yum :) this quiche looks very appetizing - my kids love both broccoli and cheddar cheese! Great recipe dear - as for quinoa, I use it all the time nowadays on my blog and at home - what a great grain!

  4. this looks wonderful! and your crust so flaky~!

    I grew up on Miracle Whip, but one taste of real mayo and I could never go back! hahaha.

    thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. I have only had a couple of quiches in my life, I should probably try it again because I don't remember it as being so great. Your recipe looks awesome.

  6. Broccoli and cheese quiche. A perfect classic. Tastes good every time and everyone loves it. Yours looks delish!

  7. looks totally delicious!

  8. This looks amazing

    Event: Dish name starts with M

  9. looks delicious.. i love quiche, especially with vegetables.. didn't realize the crust was so healthy.

  10. Cathleen , making pastry crust is another thing that I need to do ! :P :D Hey ! I LOVE bacon ! lol Love the broccoli-cheese combo !

  11. your guiche looks creamily good.

  12. you are killing me with your recipes. This is just awesome

  13. I love the combination of flavors!

  14. i never had quinoa too but i know i will try that someday somehow! you mean bacon in soap?? first time hearing that!

  15. Love quiche & this looks absolutely delicious! Great combination of ingredients! YUM! :)

  16. the trifecta of eggs, cheese and broccoli will definitely sing in my mouth. yum! and an easy fix too. quiche it is for lunch.. thank you!

  17. it looks perfect for brunch!

  18. Bacon soap? For real?? Your quiche looks lovely!

  19. Miracle Whip in a quiche? Intriguing. I'll have to try it!

  20. I love broc, cheese and egg omelets so I can't imagine why I wouldn't love this quiche! Looks great.

  21. Thanks for sharing such tasty pie. Wish I have some too.
    Have a great day, dear.

  22. Love quiche and this is definitely something I would love to try :)

  23. absolutly love eggs in any form... quiches are always a favorite . Though I generally make crustless but this one looks so good to try !


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