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Hiya there!!

I'm Cathleen, a full time math teacher, part time blogger and a lifelong dessert lover!

I started this blog as a way to keep the recipes that I was making in an orderly(ish) fashion. But connecting with other bloggers, trying new things and eating wayy too much sugar has kept me going in making this a daily habit that I just cannot break.

I am always up for trying new things, in the kitchen or out. (That picture of me is right before I went skydiving. But maybe I should wear a light pink jumpsuit more often?) And while I mainly stick with baking in this blog, I have set a new goal (literally just now) of making more savory dishes in the future.

Now that I share a relatively small apartment with my boyfriend, I have found out that it is quite possible to create deliciously wonderful creations without state of the art kitchen appliances, or even a decent sized pantry! I treat myself on occasion to a nice kitchen utensil now and again. Which works out swimmingly, because my boyfriend does the same but with math books (we are both such math nerds!)

If you wanted to contact me about any questions or comments, or just wanted to say hi, I can be reached by filling out the information on the contact page or emailing me directly at cathleen [at] atasteofmadness [dot] com

Thanks for visiting!!

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  1. Lovely reading about you and happy to be connected and visiting again to try your recipes :) great that you follow your passion along with your full time job.. All the best.. happy blogging :)


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