Reindeer Muffin

7 Jan 2012

Reindeer Muffin

Today is orthodox Christmas, and in honor of that, I thought that I would make reindeer muffins.  Or I think any time is a good time to make reindeer muffins.

I had two persimmons in my kitchen, and they were both over-ripe, so I decided to make my famous persimmon muffins, but you can use any muffin recipe you like.

For the nose area, I had some extra eggless peanut butter cookie batter in my fridge (because that recipe makes SO many cookies, it took me three trips to the oven to bake them all.) which I fashioned into little ovals and frosted them onto the muffins with store-bought icing.  For the nose, I frosted a red skittle on the cookie. (the whole family of reindeer I made were all Rudolf apparently)  For the eyes, I iced two Rocket candy pieces onto the muffin, and dabbed a dot of icing onto each Rocket for the eye.  For the antlers, I frosted on mini-twist pretzels.

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