Why you should use Yummly

15 Feb 2016

Why you should use Yummly

Are you like me and have a loooonng bookmark list consisting of recipes that you want to try?

Honestly, right now I can't keep track of them. Some of the recipe bookmarks are on my google chrome browser, some of them are on the internet explorer browser, some of them are on another user or even another computer... Judge me all you like, but when I get excited about a recipe, I want to save it then and there. And bookmarking it was the best option available at the time. Well my friends, not anymore!

Why you should use Yummly

If you look to your left, you may have noticed an orange button with "Yum" on it. "What is it?" you might ask. Well, if you aren't familiar with this button already, you are in for a treat!

Saving recipes is as easy as pressing that orange button! Also, you don't just get a list of names like you do on your bookmarks tab. You get a visual display which, in my opinion, beats a wordy list any day.

If you are curious, go check out some of my recipes on Yummly by clicking on the ATasteOfMadness.com Yum Page. There aren't many now, but hopefully I'll get more on soon. All with your help. Pressing that "Yum" button on any of my recipes will help you save them easier, and help me know which recipes you want to see more of. It is a win win.

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  1. Looks like a great idea..I PIN others recipes..sometimes mine..but this looks good for just ours..for our wn quick reference..and my daughters!


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