13 Jun 2012

Chocolate, Cantaloupe and Cranberry Smoothie

So I'm all for mixing up ingredients I find on hand to create some fun concoction. Today: a smoothie.

Maybe it was inspired by some chocolate me and my friend found last night while walking down the candy aisle in London drugs. It was apricot, chocolate and cashews. My friend thought it was the weirdest combination ever because there seemed to be too much going on there.

I didn't think that to be a weird combination at all. Actually, I thought it sounded pretty tasty!

So I planned to top it. I think that this is such a strange combination, but I've got to say.. I actually liked it.

Okay, maybe that's not saying much. The other day, I went to White Spot and ordered a blueberry milkshake. Sounds really good, right? Well, it tasted like onions. But, since I spent like $4 on this drink, I was determined to drink it all. And halfway through, I got used to it, and actually started liking it! It started tasting more like blueberries as the glass emptied. Come to think of it, it seemed like that gum in Willy Wonka. A meal in a glass. At least I didn't inflate like a balloon.

What you'll need:

-1/3 cup frozen cranberries
-1 cup fresh cantaloupe
-2 tablespoons chocolate syrup
-1/2 cup yogurt


    1.   Combine all ingredients in a blender, and puree until smooth

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  1. oh chocolate syrup! This is a perfect mix with everything :)
    Marta @ What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today?

  2. That is delicious to go smoothie. Best way to start the morning.

  3. its got chocolate...its got to be nice!

  4. Did you prepare another cup?? Can I share yours?? Looks yumm!! :)
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  5. Love the combo of chocolate and fruits in this smoothie. Must be very tasty.

  6. What a clever idea to use cantaloupe!

  7. This must be a real tasty smoothie!

  8. Oh my! That looks and sounds delicious

  9. I hate cranberries but this will a good way to get those antioxidants in. yum.

    - Meg's Delicious Adventures

  10. Chocolate and fruits smoothie sounds interesting ! Here , let me try it first ! lol

  11. The cantaloupe makes it sound so refreshing! I must admit that I'd probably leave out the chocolate, but then I've never been big on those "apricot and cashew" chocolate bars!

  12. What an unusual and refreshing flavor combination! This sounds like it would be just perfect on a warm Austin day. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Cranberries and cantaloupes is indeed an interesting combination, but tart and sweet plus some chocolate and yogurt can't go wrong, right? I like it... would never think of putting these together myself! P.S. I get like that too, I order something I am not very happy with but because I know I spent money on it, gotta eat it and fool myself into thinking that I like it. LOL!

  14. Dear Cathleen, I don't blame you for wanting to finish that $4.00 smoothie. Things are so expensive these days!!
    I think your version of the smoothie sounds really delicious and healthy.
    Thank you for your visit dearest. Blessings, Catherine

  15. looks so delicious.. very creative smoothie

  16. Chocolate and fruit, always a hit if you ask me. I'm also big on using what I have on hand. Nice smoothie!!

  17. I am loving the flavour combos in this delicious smoothie :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  18. I love this inventive smoothie flavor combo!

  19. Love the flavours combined! I am actually trying to imagine how they all blend in...Nah! You know what I am actually tempted to try your recipe...will let you know :)

  20. Well I never would have thought to put cantaloupe in a smoothie but I may have to try it!


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