26 May 2012

Chipotle Egg Salad Sandwich

I think egg salad is one of my favorite sandwiches. Well at least the best cold sandwich, I can't let panini sandwiches slip through my fingers, not getting any praise. Good on you panini. You get a gold star, high five.

But now I think I know where my eggs all go. This almost uses a whole carton. But it is definitely worth it.

I've also recently become EXTREMELY obsessed with chipotle. I bought the real deal, and also the powder. Usually when I make egg salad, I sprinkle, no, I DUMP most of my chipotle powder in there. The egg salad then ends up looking redish. This time I controlled myself. I need to save this stuff for another dish.

..I really do sound like an addict :p

I had to make an easy portable lunch since I was doing my second practicum! It was a very busy, yet VERY fun week. Math is my passion (maybe apart from my new found passion for food), and teaching others math makes me SO excited. Maybe I can inspire others to also pursue math, and not to be afraid of it (many of the students I have been talking to claim they have math anxiety. Sadly, it is actually a thing)

What you'll need:

 -8 eggs
-1/2 cup mayonnaise
-1 teaspoon mustard
-1/3 cup chopped green onions
-1/2 teaspoon chipotle chili powder
+salt and pepper to taste


    1.   Place eggs in a saucepan and cover with cold water. Bring the water to a boil and immediately remove from heat.
    2.   Let eggs stand in the hot water for around 10 minutes
    3.   Remove from hot water, and place in a bowl of cold water. Peel the eggs, and chop them into cubes.
    4.   Place the chopped eggs into a medium bowl and stir in the mayonnaise, mustard, green onions and chipotle powder. Season with salt and pepper.

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  1. Thank you for the nice comment on my blog... When people say teachers are lazy and they get too many days off, they don't realize that we bring home work every night and every weekend and we stay far longer at work than we are supposed to anyway and sometimes even show up at work on weekends when there are no kids to bother us and we can just prep away. You will be a great teacher Cathleen and congrats on finishing your practicum. I enjoyed mine! Yummy egg salad sandwich... Love the green onion addition, egg salad wouldn't be the same without.

  2. Such fun pictures! Love your egg salad, it's one of my favorites too!

  3. Your egg salad sounds terrific. I can't believe how much chipotle chile powder I use in recipes too...it is so good.

  4. your sandwich sounds great and yummy.

  5. Sadly , math and me don't really mix together *sigh* lol ... Good luck and enjoy your second practicum :) Re egg sandwich , adding that chipotle's a great and yummy idea ! Yummy ! When I make that sandwich I usually add bacon or ham and some chopped celery/bell pepper for more flavor and texture :D

  6. i've heard so much of chipotle but dont think i've seen it here. Egg sandwich is the first kind of sandwich that i learn to make..never get bored with this! hey, one thing i notice that your eggs shells are very white, ours here are sort of beige :)

  7. Yum! I love egg salad, too. I've made it with a spicy curry powder before but I'll have to try chipotle.

  8. Ohhhh egg salad sandwich! I haven't had it for ages. What a great idea to add chipotle chili powder. I'm going to definitely try this one. It's a nice kick. :-)

  9. Egg salad sandwiches are a staple at my place - I love your recipe :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  10. What a yummy-looking variation on egg salad!

  11. Chipotle is SUCH a magical ingredient. It makes everything taste about five million times better. Love the sound of these sandwiches!

  12. I love chipotle and I love egg salad, so this is a natural win for me! Looks really tasty!

  13. That is one egg sandwich we would love.

  14. What a great add on to a traditional favorite. I love Chipotle too!

  15. Hi Cathleen, I love egg sandwich too. Next time you try to add 1 or 2 boiled potatoes, mash it and add to the eggs, it taste excellent.

    Have a nice day.

  16. I love egg salad and this is a version that I've never tried ... Thx :-)

  17. Oh I love the idea of using chipotle in egg salad! Definitely will have to give that flavor combination a try!


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