17 Apr 2012

Lazy Day Butter Tarts

I've got to say, living in Canada, it is hard to avoid butter tarts. Although I don't know who would want to avoid a good old-fashioned butter tart. I think I first tried a butter tart.. 2 years ago? Best moment ever. I had an instant happy feeling, and my hands would move to grab more tarts and stuff them in my mouth as if independent of my body. 

Now this was my first attempt at actually making these. I found a recipe in some old shelf and decided to try them out. It was one of those "oh I don't want to do anything, but I want to bake, but not something too fancy" kind of days (yes, I have those specific days quite often) so I used store bought tart shells. But by all means, go forth and make your own tart shells! I will soon, now that those long summer days are approaching. I will have the time!

What you will need:

-12 tart shells
-1 cup hot tap water
-1/2 cup raisins
-1/4 cup butter, melted
-1/4 cup packed brown sugar
-1/4 teaspoon salt
-1/2 cup golden corn syrup
-1 egg
-1/2 teaspoon vanilla


    1.   In a small bowl, combine the raisins and not tap water and let stand for around 30 minutes
    2.   Preheat the oven to 400˚F
    3.   In a medium bowl, mix the butter, sugar, salt and corn syrup until fully combined
    4.   Add the egg and vanilla and mix well
    5.   Drain the raisins, and divide equally between the 12 tarts shells
    6.   Pour the butter mixture over the raisins, dividing equally into the 12 tart shells
    7.   Place the tarts on a cookie rack, and bake for 20 minutes

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  1. I guess it's easy to avoid butter tarts in Idaho since I've never had one!! It looks fantastic! I just finished baking buttery shortbread cookies. Butter sure makes everything better. Anyway, those tart shells look so perfect! I just have to try them! Then I can say I've had one.

  2. I love all things tarts and have a really good sweet tart recipe that I use again and again. I will have to share that with you. These tarts look so yummy!

  3. I feel so deprived that I've never even HEARD of a butter tart! They sound almost like pecan pies without the pecans in them. Delicious!

  4. These buttery tarts look tempting!!

  5. these butter tarts sound delicious! i'd love to try this!

  6. I am such a huge fan of butter tarts!! I love it even better when there's the addition of pecan!!! :D

  7. Ok I need to stop coming to your site when I'm hungry...

  8. very yummy and tempting tarts :) Thank you for stopping by my space :)

  9. What tasty looking tarts! Yum!

  10. Those are gorgeous and yummy looking butter tart ! Just love the caramelized top ! My first attempt at making tart ? The crust looks skinnier than those supermodels ! tsk tsk hahaha

  11. These are adorable! and not to complicated, my mother would really really like these, I will have to make a batch soon! :)

  12. These tarts looks yum Cathleen..
    There is an award waiting for you at my site.Please collect it.

  13. Thank you for your visit Cathleen; love to follow another Canadian Foodie Blogger. You're right butter tarts seem to be part of our heritage. Great recipe.

  14. Butter tarts sound and look amazing! Yummy!!!

  15. I've never even heard of a butter tart before, but it sounds and looks absolutely delicious! :)

  16. These tarts are so cute! This is one type of dessert that isn't all that common around here. I really enjoy the simple flavors though, and of course, mini versions of any dessert are just so darn tempting!

  17. These are so pretty! I just heard of butter tarts for the first time a few months ago and I have them on my list to try soon. They sound melt in your mouth amazing.

  18. YUM! I am a Canadian now living in the U.S., east coast side, and apart from the little dry-looking mini tarts at the grocery store I haven't seen an honest-to-goodness gooey butter tart here and I've missed them so! Wanted to try my hand at making some, couldn't even find the premade tart shells so I am going to roll out pie dough lol This sounds closer to what our Mom used to make :) Thanks for sharing!


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