Apple-pumpkin Muffin Pancakes

23 Apr 2012

Apple-pumpkin Muffin Pancakes

You know those days that you want to bake something really yummy, but the only thing stopping you is that it just takes too long? Or maybe you don't actually, maybe it's just me.

I'm just extremely impatient when it comes to food. I specify "with food" because I am typically a patient kind of person. I tutor, and I'm majoring in math. Both requires extreme amount of patience, and I can do it no problem. But with food? When I'm at home, I keep checking the oven timer. "Come on, come on!" as though that will make time suddenly speed up. At a restaurant? That is still not fast enough for me. I look around... "So how did YOU get your food before me?!" (Don't worry, these dialogues are all in my head. I'd hate to be both impatient AND rude when it comes to food)

So I had this whole plan for making muffins. The muffins I made around a week ago, because they were oh so good. So I finish making the batter, all is good, then I turn on the oven and look at the baking time. 35-40 minutes?! No way, I want them now! So what do I do? Turn off the oven. Turn on a frying pan, add some milk to the batter and make myself some muffins!


    1.   Make the batter of my Apple Pumpkin Muffins 
    2.   Add enough milk to make the batter is of pancake consistency. Around 1/3 cup.
    3.   On medium heat, scoop the batter onto a frying pan coated with cooking spray. Cook until bubbles appear, then flip with a spatula and cook until the other side is browned.

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  1. Great idea! That's exactly what I did with leftover sweet potato puree... instead of turning them into muffins, made them into pancakes. Fast, easy, equally good, plus I get to eat them NOW. I'm a teacher and all my patience gets used up at work, no more left for other things. LOL!

  2. Deliciosos para una tarde de frio .

    nos vemos


  3. what a great idea! it's interesting how you made them, they look perfect

    1. Awesome combination!! They look so soft and airy...delicious :)

  4. Generally when I have a craving for something, I want it NOW. So I totally get it. Genius idea to turn these muffins into pancakes!

  5. Loved the idea..looks delish!

  6. Love your idea of making pancakes with muffin batter and your look so so tasty good.

  7. Hi Cathleen, your pancake look great. I bet it taste awesome.

    Have a nice week ahead.

  8. I am totally impatient, so I definitely feel you. Those pancakes look awesome!

  9. your impatience sure brings some creativity out from you.. from muffin to pancakes! genius!!


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